Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Weeks and Appointment Update

I am 10 weeks pregnant today! Only 10 more weeks until our 20 week ultrasound, although we may get one earlier through an ultrasound school. It's crazy to me that I am halfway through the first half of my pregnancy. I am hoping that the rest of it zips by. I can hear Baby's heartbeat whenever I want now, and it reads at 160 BPM - 170 BPM. 

Let's see what's up with Baby this week: 

-  Baby is a little larger than a cherry tomato!
-  Baby has begun to practice swallowing amniotic fluid! 
-  All of our little one's organs are function this week, including the brain and liver!
-  Tiny nails are forming on baby's fingers and toes!
-  He's covered in peach fuzz! 

I must correct a mistake that I made in last week's update. Week 10 is the week that baby goes from the embryonic stage to the fetal development stage. 

Here's a look at what a baby looks like at this stage. Pretty awesome, right? 

As for my appointment, well let's just say that it was extremely uneventful. I had a doctor who I've never seen before, who was dressed in cowboy boots and jeans and was a much older guy. At least, I think that he was a doctor. He didn't introduce himself, so who knows. He was extremely unprofessional and I was very disappointed. I go back in exactly 4 weeks, at which point I will be 14 weeks and officially, 100% out of this trimester. (Note: many of the risks associated with the 1st trimester have already dissipated by the stage that I am at now). 

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